Succulents are known as the kings of indoor space. They’re sweet, available in all sizes, colors, and shapes and super easy to care for – so no wonder they’re so damn popular, right? As you already know if you are interested in these amazing plants, it takes a real determination to kill them – they tend to survive days without watering and even some quite awful gardening skills. Even though they’re super cute-looking, these guys are still tough. No matter how often you forget to give them some love, there are high chances that they survive!

Still, if you’re planning to start your own green family or you already own some plants of this sort, here are some of the ideas you can use to decorate your living space and bring some fresh breeze to your residence.

1. Add some greenery to your shelves


Since they require less attention than the majority of the plants, feel free to let them be on their own without daily pampering. That means you can just put your potted succulents on your shelves as a great addition and a nice decorative detail. They can just sit there without any other ornaments laying around on the shelf – again, they are sweet enough to cover the entire shelf.

2. You can use them as bookends

You can use your Echeveria or cacti as a very simple and attractive way to prop up your books. That will give your home a chic and minimalistic look. If you aren’t sure you really know what Echeveria is, you’ll notice it easily by its thick triangular leaves. For various kinds of succulents, it’s best to take a peep at some lovely online stores, such as

3. Decorate your nightstand

Believe us – you will love waking up and going to sleep looking at some greenery. It might help you boost your mood significantly, as these are two crucial parts of the day. Refresh the boring look of your bedroom with some durable types that won’t die or molt. You can find trendy pots that’ll perfectly fit your nightstand, and then just watch yourself falling asleep like a baby – mesmerizing green will make you feel relaxed and peaceful.

4. Get a terrarium

Terrariums were a real deal in 1970s home decor but they’re making their big comeback in modern interior design. Get yourself a cool geometric terrarium that’ll give your succulent artistic and modern look. Succulents in bowl terrariums will make planting super easy and your little green friends will enjoy in their glass igloo! However, if you want to save some money, you can definitely avoid buying purpose-made terrariums. Instead of purchasing these, you can simply reuse your old glasses – wine glasses will be especially attractive.

5. Floating jungle

Add a little dazzle with a hanging planter or you can just DIY using a piece of string and old pieces of wood for them. You can also DIY the knotting string with a little twine and few knots, or simply purchase some of them if your skills for this are on the low level.

6. Make them a kitchen table centerpiece

Check out your minimalistic centerpiece and make it more lively. You should buy four or five different colors and types of cacti and plant them each in a different pot.  You’ll notice how the centerpiece is more colorful and the space has a different glow. They look best in variety – there can be no mistake about this.

7. White is always a classic

You can never go wrong with good classic white because it satisfies every interior design – industrial, farmhouse, modern, and all other spaces. First, buy a big white bowl and fill it with potting soil. The next step is to arrange four to five different kinds of succulents in it. You should cover the soil with decorative rocks and place the white bowl in the center of your table. Amazing, right?

8. Decorate it with an outdoor planter

They’re a perfect decoration for indoor space –  the real kings over there. However, outdoor space is also important. Decorate your porch by adding some succulents inside your outdoor pot where you already have different flowers and plants. That’ll be an unexpected flower arrangement that’ll give your porch an amazing glow-up.

9. Purchase quirky pots

Even though white is classic, some interesting funny-looking pots can be super-cute! With succulents in them, your home will especially attract the youngest members of your family and probably make them love them. Make it as colorful as possible!

10. Make your succulent garden

This one would probably be an all-time favorite of all. You can make your own happy family by just arranging a whole garden of cactus plants in different colors and put it on your central table.

11. Arrange your plants

This means you shouldn’t keep them lonely – they always enjoy some nice company! You should use a traditional-looking pot and combine a few of them. Don’t worry – they’ll have enough space in there. A traditional-looking pot will give your home or garden a more impressive impact.

12. Combine them with other houseplants

They look astonishing when kept in the original pots and combined with other greenery. You will get an amazing display of a real home jungle.


13. Put them in your entryway

Another important part of the home is the entryway, often forgotten when it comes to interior design. Don’t let this part of your home be boring – give it a chic makeover. You’re probably wondering how to do it, but it’s quite simple – just add a few succulent pots with other decors in your entryway.

14. Adorn your desk

Many people work remotely. If that’s the case with you, you should bring some life to your desk by getting a little bit of the outside world into your space. That means you should arrange your green squad on your desk and make your work atmosphere more enjoyable.

Succulents aren’t only easy to care for and decorative – they are beneficial for your health as well. If you decide to keep them inside your home, they’ll remove toxins from the air, but also bad energy and nervousness on difficult days. You can enjoy them for a long time, but with little effort. Your interior will love them since they’re so different-looking, charming, and easy to grow – and this will always make your living space more enjoyable and nice.