Cars are not only a necessity these days, they are also something we love, cherish, and enjoy. There are several things about cars and drivers and their connection, and one of them is that people often get attached to it even though the car is not in such a great shape and often try to repair it, even though that may cost more. The other one is something that almost every driver can witness, that there is no better feeling than driving. But, since there are so many traffic jams in the cities, going for an offroad drive is what many people often tend to do, and how else to get the best offroad experience than with Jeep JK.

No matter the vehicle, what we, as drivers, often do is almost constantly looking for something to make our car run or look better, and one thing all drivers have in common is a desire to increase horsepower to make the car go faster. When it comes to Jeep JK and increasing horsepower, there are several ways to do it, which is a reason why we will now take a look at several ways to achieve exactly that.

Throttle Body Spacer

Although it may look like a small and unimportant part, in reality, it can add a lot of horsepower to your car. The throttle body can add torque too, and make a huge difference when speaking about sub-par performance and hair-raising horsepower. Once you lift it for even an inch, you will be able to notice the difference right away, almost instantly. The fact is that this small part can help the car to burn fuel more efficiently and use more energy from it, hence more horsepower. Once it uses more energy, it will be easy to notice it while driving, and for those worrying about the installation, there is no need for that. The installation is an easy task, and there is no need to cut or drill anything, and everything is approachable and can be done in no time. Overall, it can all take up a few minutes, but it will increase the engine performance for much longer.

Exhaust Headers

The change of exhaust headers may be the first thing that any Jeep owner does when it comes to increasing horsepower. It may be easy to notice, but it can boost the ride of the engine, and it is a crucial thing to do, especially when you already increased the amount of power. All that is due to the consumption of exhaust gases which are also increasing and the exhaust system cannot deal with it, leading to higher pressure in the cylinders. The good thing is that installing exhaust headers is also pretty simple, and it is only necessary to replace the restrictive stock manifolds with the new ones. The benefit of those new ones is that they are precisely made to maximize exhaust flow. Another great thing is that the new exhaust headers are made to endure every adventure and every road. Because they are drawing more oxygen, the engine has more torque, and rocky roads and driving offroad do not represent any problem. The engine scavenging is improved, and every offroad adventure will be a pleasure because there is no need to worry if the car can overcome obstacles.

Boost the air intake

The more fresh air the motor has, the more torque and horsepower the whole engine will. It is as simple as that, and because of it, it is necessary to get the air intake that will get enough amount of fresh air to the motor. It may look complicated and challenging, but it is something that you can do by yourself and for some small amount of time. First, you will need a good air filter to upgrade the old one, and the only thing that can cost a little more is that filter needs to be made especially for your car. After that, it is only necessary to follow the instructions, and you will save money by going to the mechanic. It is good to know that most of those filters are reusable, and once you buy them, it is possible to use them several times, meaning not only that you can do it yourself and save money, it will also save you cash in the long run.

Throttle body

If you think for a while, and as we already mentioned that before, the logical conclusion is that in order to have more power, the engine needs more air. Since that’s the case, it is necessary to think more about changing the regular throttle body with a much bigger one. It may not cost that much, but the effect it will have on the power of your Jeep JK would be tremendous. There are a few options to choose from, and although it comes in a few different sizes, choosing the right one is not that difficult. There is no right or wrong choice, and everything is up to personal performance preferences. After that, the next step is replacing it, which is also not something that you will need a mechanic for since one can manage to do it by themselves. In the end, when it is properly done, the engine will have more axle-twisting torque, horsepower, and fast throttle response, meaning that it will work much better and by your taste.

Custom tuner

It is the last but maybe the most important and most efficient way to increase horsepower to your Jeep JK, and getting a custom tuner is what most people tend to do. That is because of so many advantages, and a custom tuner will adapt everything to your specific driving style with various modes, but it doesn’t end there, and a touchscreen with a high resolution means that at any place and at any time, you will be able to overlook the readings. It is a pretty common thing to do, and thanks to it, all problems that drivers may have can be dealt with, providing a much better experience overall, with increased power and torque, and with much less fuel consumption. Tuning is not that expensive, and it is yet another reason why so many drivers tend to go with this change. Check for more info, and for those who are interested in Jeep tuners and programmers but don’t know where or what to look for, you can also get the best one that meets your driving preferences.