Gambling involves winning money by betting on the chances of occurrence of an unpredictable event. Casinos have traditionally offered games like roulette, Blackjack, poker, and slots for players. However, modern online Casinos are fast becoming popular among players and are being preferred over their traditional counterparts.

Online casinos have made gambling convenient; they have introduced new games. Moreover, while playing online, players can gamble from the comforts of their homes and take help from assistive devices that help make better bets. These Casinos also allow winners to make real money. There are many websites that give online Blackjack real money on winning a game of Blackjack.

Online and offline Casinos offer welcome bonuses, which a new player can avail of after registration. However, a new player must carefully read the terms and conditions on the Casinos website before availing of the bonus offers.

What Are These Bonuses, And Why Are They Offered?

Online Casinos offer bonuses to new players in order to encourage them to play more. Players can benefit from welcome bonuses as they have a higher chance of winning, and they can bet on multiple or high-stakes games that offer big prizes.

Welcome bonuses can be of various types like deposit, non-deposit, sticky, non-sticky, etc. Deposit bonuses are those where the player has to make an initial deposit, and the Casino offers to give a 100% or 150% of the initial contribution. Hence if a person makes an initial deposit of $200, then they will get $400 if the offer is for a 100% contribution. Non-deposit bonuses are the ones that do not require a player to make an initial deposit.

Sticky bonuses are ones where the bonus amount cannot be withdrawn, but the money can be used for betting, and if the player wins the bet, then the win amount can be withdrawn. In the case of non-sticky bonuses, the bonus amount can be withdrawn without staking it in a game.

5 Common Pitfalls To Watch Out For When Using Online Casino Welcome Bonuses


1. Wagering Requirements

Most bonuses have a wagering requirement, meaning that a part of the money has to be used to place a bet on some of the games that the Casino offers. For instance, if the wagering requirement is 30 times and the initial deposit made by the player is $100. Then the initial $100 plus $100 bonus amount, 30 times $200, that is $6000 has to be spent on wagering.

The percentage that has to be spent on wagering varies from one Casino to another, but almost all of them have some sort of wagering requirement. So if a player does not have that kind of resources or is not confident in his skills, then opting out of the offer can be a good option.

2. The Type Of Bonus

The welcome offer can be in the form of money or a play balance. If money is offered, some amount of it has to be wagered, but a part of it might be withdrawn. However, if the offer is for play balance, then the entire balance is to be utilized for playing some game.

Thus, if a person intends to withdraw some money as it is without utilizing it for playing games, then they should be careful to opt out of offers that give play balance as a welcome offer.

3. The Size And The Type Of Stakes That Are Allowed

It is not enough to just stake a certain amount of the welcome bonus money; the size and type of the stake vary considerably. Some places may allow a person to place only 25% of the money on a high stake bet. Again the kind of game by which the wagering requirement will be fulfilled also varies.

Some places might require 5% of the requirement to be fulfilled only at slots. Likewise, some other sites might require 10% of the wagering requirement to win a game of Blackjack or Poker. Hence a skilled player cannot win a ton of money by just engaging in games like Blackjack, which can be won with a good strategy.


4. The Time Period For Which The Offer Is Valid

Most of the welcome offers are valid for a limited time period. Hence, it is wise to use up the amount and fulfill the wagering requirement within a fixed period of time. If the money or play balance is not used up within the prescribed time, then a player might lose a golden opportunity to make money utilizing the bonus amount.

5. Withdrawal Options

People should carefully read the instructions for withdrawal of win amounts that are obtained using the money in the welcome offer. For most Casinos, a person must register and enter details about how he wants to get the money.

A gamer’s account has a wallet where the money gets deposited. Also, it is a good idea to go for a place that gives multiple payment options, like a bank account, e-wallets, etc. The win amount should be deposited within a week or so for bank accounts. Payment wallets are the fastest, and the win amount can be deposited within a few hours. If The money is not deposited on time, then the grievance redressal forum can be utilized.

It is also prudent not to withdraw the entire amount on the same day. Most places have a per-day money withdrawal limit to accommodate multiple players; hence large amounts of money cannot be withdrawn on a single day.



Many new players might not be aware of the rules of a Casino. Online Casinos are a bigger mystery to new players as they can be notorious for scams. However, a Casino with a license that has garnered positive reviews is usually trustworthy. It is also prudent to read the terms and conditions carefully before choosing any option. There are many people who have made a fortune using welcome bonus money, and they can be beneficial if players are cautious to avoid the common pitfalls stated above.