Businesses or institutions can only function fully with electronic gadgets in this era. Thus, it becomes crucial that every portable appliance is in perfect condition in every home so that someone does not face issues while using it. Routine testing is essential for any electronic apparatus to prevent unexpected malfunctioning or breakdown. For this purpose, equipment called “portable appliance testers” is available, which can be used by everyday individuals to test their electrical appliances. However, it is always better to contact a skilled professional to perform the checking as they know how to use the device and can give the correct reading to users.

Portable Appliance Testing has specific rules binding on it. Different kinds of electronics or appliances have varied parameters for testing, and the regularity of tests needed depends on their category. PAT testing is considered vital for any organization, and as the process is sometimes slightly crafty, it is always advised to consult with specialists before making any tough decisions.


How Often Do Different Appliances Need A PAT Test For Proper Functioning

Just like electronic appliances have varied ways of maintenance, the duration between two PAT Tests differs for every instrument. The directives are also distinct for every environment the tests are happening in. A school would help the PAT sessions differently than a business or an office.

Here are the specific details about how often different appliances need a PAT to be conducted on them:

  • In hotels, office buildings and similar places
  1. All class 1 equipment or appliances, which include IT equipment, should be tested every four years.
  2. Other appliances, such as extension leads which fall under the category of portable devices, should be checked every two years.
  3. The probability of damage is naturally higher for objects and gadgets used, transported and handled by individuals regularly. These apparatuses need scrutiny every 12 months to prevent deterioration and prospective risk factors.
  • In schools
  1. All the class 1 appliances, including IT apparatus, must be tested every year
  2. The class 2 apparatus must be checked once every two years
  • In construction sites
  1. Most equipment is regularly used on construction sites; thus, it is recommended that they are sent for examination every three months for the most efficiency. (110V appliances)
  • In industrial sites
  1. If the site uses any IT apparatus that should be PAT tested once in 12 months
  2. The other devices and gadgets need to be tested with a gap of 6 months


Who Should Conduct The PAT

It is advised and preferred that the testing be done by a skilled professional hired by an external company. The person must be experienced and have prior training from some PAT organization. In-house tests can also be an option. However, the person should be competent enough to perform the tests accurately.

Advantages Of Routined PAT On Appliances

Based on rules set by the authorities, every business or organization must maintain the quality of electrical devices used. By taking up regular testing sessions for the appliances, the company ensures that there are no potential hazards to the electrical equipment. If there are any signs of risks, the instrument should be repaired or removed. There are no set specifics about how the tests should be done. However, if conducted consistently, it gives the company peace of mind that there are no probable perils with the gadgets.

Some salient advantages of PAT are enlisted below for convenience:

With PAT Tests, The Chances Of An Appliance Catching Fire Or Having Electric Shocks Are Reduced To A Great Extent


Everyone is aware of the fact that when electrical equipment works, they are subjected to heat generation. Counterfeit or damaged appliances pose a threat of catching fire due to overheating of the system. Moreover, electrical fires are a common issue in the United Kingdom.

Any electrical apparatus carries electricity from a prominent energy source through wires so it can operate. A PAT tester or professional knows precisely what to do if there is some malfunctioning in the route. Faulty power lines can cause electric shocks and can even be fatal for people who work around them. Proper maintenance ensures that these risks do not arise and that the employees have peace of mind about their work environment.

It Increases The Durability And Longevity Of Every Appliance

Consulting or hiring a competent person to do the PAT test is crucial, as they tend to have fully functional testers and the expertise to carry out the tests. They can identify the underlying issues, even the ones that are not apparent to the naked eye.

Appropriate upkeep ensures that every piece of equipment is used with care and no mishandling is done that might lead to it getting damaged. And electrical appliances are costly. Even repairs cost a lot at times. Timely testing them and not making a Horlicks of the device helps cut off a lot of expenses, and the device even works for a long time.

The People Get To Know Beforehand About Any Faulty Equipment And If They Need To Change It


Through PAT, the company or business gets to know when they need to buy a new appliance before it causes any potential harm to the office or any of the employees. They do not need to wait for a device to break down before purchasing a new one. They can have time to consider the new purchase and even work on the insurance issues, if any are binding to an appliance.

Prevention is always better than cure. Early notice of problems is always beneficial for any business. Making changes accordingly becomes more accessible because of PAT tests.


For any organization, be it an office, school, construction site, or industry, the safety of the employees and even the organization should be the biggest priority and concern. Conducting a PAT test guarantees that every safety regulation is met and adhered to by a business. Working with electricity is already hazardous, but nothing can function without it. Thus, keeping the appliances in the best possible condition, taking care of them and taking routine PAT tests is the most practical decision a company can make for its well-being so that the company flourishes in future.