Your toddler’s wardrobe requirements will quickly change once the baby begins to crawl or walk. One critical factor to consider while choosing clothes for a toddler is the weather and season. A change in season generally necessitates a modification in your clothing.

You will have to change the toddler’s dressing style to suit the outside weather condition and the specific season. If the baby is not dressed as per the season, the toddler might get uncomfortable and may begin to cry. Because of that, it is significant to dress the toddler as per the season.

How To Pick And Dress Toddler Based On The Season

When picking seasonal clothes for babies, you need to consider a few vital elements, such as the fabric, size, weight, and comfort. Make sure to buy the clothes that are easy to put on the toddler. It is better to avoid clothing that has sharp decors, stones, or mirrors as they may poke the toddler.

Here, we have listed what to pick and how to dress the toddlers depending on various seasons, such as summer, monsoon, spring or autumn, and winter.

Toddler Clothing For Summer

Summer is one of the toughest seasons that your toddler will experience. In order to protect your child from the harmful sun rays and the heat of the summer, you must choose suitable clothing. The most crucial thing to remember is to never overdress, underdress, or use multi-layered clothes during summer.

Overdressing the toddlers will almost certainly result in rashes, underdressing may cause sunburns or a heat stroke, and multi-layered clothing will make the babies sweat continuously, making them uncomfortable. The best fabrics for summer toddler clothing are cotton, linen, and bamboo or Tencel.

Loose-fit and breezy clothes are ideal for the summer. As mentioned, cotton clothes are suitable for summer since they absorb heat and enable air to travel thoroughly. If you opt to keep your child inside, make sure your home is well ventilated and dress your baby comfortably in loose-fit clothes.

If you need to take your toddler out in the sun, make sure to cover your child in light clothes that allow air to pass through. It is also better to hang a hat on your child’s head to avoid the direct sun rays landing on his or her face.

Toddler Clothing For Monsoon

The monsoon season is very amusing sometimes because it can be scorching hot one minute and pouring rain the next hour. Downpours can be sloppy and cold at times. Due to that, it is better to dress your toddler in denim shorts or pants in the monsoon season.

The denim clothing will be soft and warm, and can keep your child dry when it rains. In order to make up for the grim weather, you can go with bright-colored tees and light coats. It is best to include an umbrella, a pair of rain boots, and a raincoat in your child’s bag while traveling.

Toddler Clothing For Spring or Autumn

Spring is one of the nice seasons with pleasant and enjoyable weather. However, it does not imply that your child is fully safe and protected from the weather. During the initial days of spring, the winter chill may still remain, and because of that, it can be rather chilly sometimes.

Select full-sleeve clothes made of a light fabric such as cotton or hosiery to ensure that your toddler is fully protected during this season. The airy material will keep your baby fresh with decent ventilation. In addition, the long sleeves will shield the child from the cold. Due to that, it is best to buy toddler girl rompers for your baby girl.

Spring is also the pollen season where a lot of it is floating around in the air. Pollen can make some toddlers sneeze continuously, which is why it is better to cover babies with facemasks that are made specifically for babies. These masks will ensure that your child can breathe normally and protect him or her from pollen, pollution, and dirt present in the air.

Toddler Clothing For Winter

When the winter months arrive, even adults start to get the chills! Then, can you guess what the little toddler must be going through? You need to keep specific things in mind to ensure that the child remains warm and comfortable during this period. All baby things need to be pleasant and warm, including the crib or cradle, clothes, and even shoes.

When heading out with your baby in winter, keep in mind to dress your child in soft and cuddly onesies to keep him or her warm and protect from the cold weather. It is relatively critical to select the correct kind of warm clothing for your child as warm clothing, such as specific woolens, might cause itching. In this situation, use soft and thick clothes, which are made of the material used in snow suits.

You have to remember that toddlers lose plenty of their body heat through their heads. Due to that, it is better to cover his or her head with a soft hat that helps to keep the toddler warm. Gloves or mittens can also assist in keeping the baby’s hands and feet warm. In addition to that, you can also dress the child in multi layers.

Bottom Line

The health and immunity of a toddler are very vulnerable, which is why they have to be dressed accordingly to the season. Thus, pick appropriate clothes for babies. However, it is best not to buy excess clothing for toddlers because they tend to grow every month.

For summer, loose and lightweight clothes are better. You can go with shorts and raincoats to dress the babies during the monsoon season. In addition, full-sleeve and light clothing are ideal for spring and autumn. For winter, dress the toddler in warm and layered clothing, such as a fur coat, face cap, gloves, and socks.