Every now and then, people move abroad and should move their belongings to the new place they live. Sometimes that means arranging transport for their furniture and vehicles too. It seems like a lot of work to do, and it really is. Preparing the car to get moved to another country can be easy if the new location is not overseas. But, when it comes to moving to another continent, or even an island, then the owner must find some good way to accomplish that. What does it mean?

You will have to find some car shipping companies, so you can ask for an offer. At that point, you must be sure you are looking through the list of reliable ones, because this service is costly, and you need the best among them all.

Of course, you need to compare the companies so that you can find the one that suits you best. Sometimes it is possible to have a handover and takeover between affiliate companies, depending on how many areas they cover. You need to pay attention to that as well, especially if you really have a long way to go. Remember that auto transport companies do not come to pick up the car from your home, nor leave it on your doorstep. This is a procedure that you must understand, and we will help you with that.

1. Gather all the necessary documents


In order for your car to be legally transported from one location to another, you must have all the necessary documents for that. This includes insurance policy, registration information, purchase document, as well as driving and driving license, or any other government or state-issued vehicle document. With these documents, a transport order is made and a service contract is issued. With this agreement, you prove that you own the car, that it is yours, and that all legal procedures are observed in time. This facilitates the transport procedure, but also the registration in the new country.

2. Document any damage

Take photos and sign a statement for any current damage. Enter every detail, such as a non-working lamp or a scratch. This way, false claims are avoided – you can not blame the transport company for the damage, nor can they be deduced that the car was. It is a cheap and short procedure, which can save you a lot of time and money. Of course, with professional companies, this should not happen, but leave nothing to chance.

3. Keep the car completely clean

This is a more subjective feeling of comfort when the car arrives at the new location. Of course, a clean circuit means that it will be easier to document the current damage and notice if there are any new ones. As we said, do not leave such things to chance.

4. You do not need to fill the fuel tank

Do this for practical reasons. The vehicle is heavier when the tank is full, so transportation can cost you a lot more than the original quote, because of the added weight. Leave enough fuel so you can pick up the car when it arrives at the desired location. Until then, the car moving company will not need fuel at all, because they move the car with the help of special tools.

Another reason why you should not do this is that fuels burn easily. Moving and shaking during transport can be risky and can lead to fire or explosion. Therefore, reduce the chances of such an incident by not filling the tank to the top. In fact, the fuel in the spare part of the tank would be enough for emergencies.

5. Do a quick technical check


Take your car to a repairer, to see if there are some leaks that you don’t notice. Keep in mind that the car transport companies may refuse to serve you if there is big damage. Try to repair it on time, to avoid costly fees. That will also prevent unpleasant situations, as we described previously, including massive leaks, fires, or explosions.

While you are doing this, check the pressure in the tires. It should be just right – not more or not less. If the tires aren’t nicely inflated, you are increasing the chances of damage.

Additionally, we recommend removing the custom additions and accessories. They can be heavier than you think, but still easier to transport in your suitcase or bag. Also, they may take up a lot of space in the truck, which means a higher price immediately.

6. Disable all the alarms

There is simply no need to be involved. They can only cause additional problems whenever someone touches the car. We are sure that you will not want to annoy those who do this service for you because their work is stressful enough, so they do not need additional alarm sounds.

7. Remove personal items

If the trunk and drawers are full of your personal belongings and documents, simply remove them – there is really no need for them to be there during transport. You also have to do this, to avoid damage to those items you have inside the car. It’s always better to prevent, it instead of being sorry about that.

8. Lock the car

When you load it into the truck, lock it and take the keys with you. The exception is if you use a service by picking up and delivering the car to the desired address. In that case, you need to include the keys in the contract.



We are sure it’s not that easy to organize these things on time, and you are going through a lot of stress during the moving process. So, we suggest you follow this guide, so you can figure out the easiest way to pack the car up into a truck, and move the other belongings easily.

Just make sure you don’t put luggage inside of the car, thinking you are practical. You are not, and you are just increasing the price of the service.