One of the biggest favors you could do to yourself is to stay healthy and fit as much as you can. There are many ways to keep fit and healthy, most of which you could find on the internet. For instance, you can download apps on your phone that can help you track your fitness and help you reach your health goals. However, in order to get these apps on your phone and to use them regularly, you need an internet connection that allows you to stay connected all the time to track your progress.

A great option would be to get in touch with WOW! Customer Service because their uninterrupted internet service will ensure that you stay on top of your health. Once you do get yourself an amazing internet connection, here are some apps you should have on your phone so you could keep your health in check:



If you are a cyclist, you must definitely have heard of this app. It is the perfect option for people who are into cycling and running. All you have to do is to turn on the app when you are going for a run or even out to cycle and the app will track your progress for you. The data that the app can cover includes the distance that you travel and even the calories that you may have burned. If you connect Strava to other social media, you can share your progress with your friends too.

The app works in a similar way to how the Fitbit app works. It creates a community among the people who use the app so that there is healthy competition in everyone and everyone stays motivated.

Nike Training Club


Imagine having an app from Nike itself that too free of charge. You can download the app on both Android and iOS. The app is best for people who are into bodybuilding and keeping fit. The app features a lot of trainers who you could take help from. The app also gives you suggestions on how you could improve your workout and how you could build more muscle.

The best part is that the app features different kinds of workouts that you could go for. It features High-Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT for short), core exercises, Yoga, Cardio, and strength training.



MyFitnessPal has been around for quite a while and people have had a delightful experience using it. Some people even say that it is the best fitness app of all time. You can download the app for free and if you wish to go premium, all you have to do is to pay a fee of $10 per month. You can find the app on both Android and iOS.

In the app, you can track your calorie intake and the number of calories that you burn. You can also keep track of numerous fitness activities such as how many push-ups you did, and how much weight you are lifting. The app can even give you a workout plan and it has around 350 workouts to offer. Furthermore, you also have the option to connect the app to your social media and other devices. It can give you over 350 cardio sessions and 350 strength sessions as well.

Google Fit


Google is known to be very popular when it comes to tech and everything that is tech related. Google has its own fitness app called Google Fit which has everything that you need. The app has an integrated GPS that tracks the distance and direction when you go out for a walk or even for a run. The app also has the option to determine what your heart rate might be after physical exercise.

If you get a Wear OS smartwatch, the default fitness app on the watch is Google Fit, since it is one of the most trusted apps. The app tracks your movements throughout the day and keeps a log of your “move minutes” to see how long you were exercising or were involved in some activity throughout the day.



The app is dedicated entirely to Yoga. While you can get the app for free, you can subscribe to the premium version for $24 a month. The best part is that you can get the app on both Android and iOS. The app offers you dedicated classes for meditation, pilates , and yoga and lectures on how you can practice mindfulness. If you feel like Yoga is the best option for you then this is the app to go for.

Wrapping Up

Staying fit is more of a need than a want. It makes you appealing and helps you keep active throughout the day. If hitting the gym is difficult for you, then you should have these apps on your phone so that you could stay as fit as possible.