It’s no secret that there are skins in the tactical shooter Counter Strike Global Offensive that can cost insane amounts of money and are therefore very valuable. The value here often depends on the state of wear. So can skins in this game wear out and thus lose value, is there a danger here that a skin can break and thus the value is lost forever? This is clarified in the following article.

How do skins wear out in CS:GO?

Skins in Counter Strike Global Offensive do not wear out through use. This means that special care of the weapon with the favourite skin is not necessary. The weapon can be played and used even if you want to sell the skin later.

The CS:GO weapon skins remain in the state in which they are obtained or found and the quality level found does not change.

What is the wear and tear of a CS:GO skin?


Wear and tear is therefore only a visual factor in the game that determines the value of the skin on the one hand, but also its appearance on the other. The term “wear and tear” is therefore slightly misleading. The player himself has no influence on the wear of a skin and cannot worsen it through use. The item always retains the degree of wear that it had when it was received.

The game differentiates between 5 categories of wear, which are quality levels of the visual sharpness and the visual representation of the skin.

The 5 levels are:

  • Factory-new
  • Minimal-ware (minimal signs of use)
  • Field-tested
  • Well-worn from battle
  • Battle scarred

Can a CS:GO skin break?


To finally answer this question: no, a CS:GO skin cannot be broken because, as described above, it is only a quality level of the skin.

How do you determine the quality level/wear of a skin?

You can check the wear of a skin online in the game. Just by looking at the skin and its name, you can tell its quality level. On the other hand, many sites on the internet offer various services to check the skin’s ranking in the database and thus its value.

Which wear level is most valuable?

The value of a skin is composed of several factors, not only the wear level is of high importance but also the float values play a role. A clear answer to this question is therefore not easy to give. You can easily check the value of your skin on the internet and thus also determine whether it would make sense to sell it or not.

So-called gambling sites can also help here. The Google search for Best CSGO Gambling Sites offers a number of results that can help in making a decision, but also in purchasing new skins.

So, in summary, an experienced gamer knows that a skin cannot, of course, break or wear out from use. It is a purely visual influence in the game, which can also be used to determine the value of a skin, but over which the player himself has no influence. The rule is that the item remains as it was found and can also be sold again as it was found. Valuable skins can therefore be used and played by players without hesitation.