Today we will discuss what is an android tv box and how does it work?. The popularity of the Android TV box is everywhere nowadays due to the wide range of variety it offers to the users. It helps the users in streaming videos and surf webs directly from the television.

The box is small in size and turns the ordinary TV into a smart one. There are a variety of options that you can discover out of the Android TV box. People love to watch Islamic videos, Islamic TV channel, Hulu and browse through Netflix through it.

How Does Android TV Box Work?

The connection of the box is with the TV and internet through Wi-Fi connection or wired Ethernet.

What is An Android TV Box

When the box gets connected to the internet and TV, the installation of applications is also possible. You can also use the device through your phone by downloading the applications. Suppose, if you wish to use the YouTube app, you can download it on the box through the internet and watch the videos all day long.

The OS (operating system) Android is there in this box which was initiated by Google. There are android phones and tablets which allow you to connect the device easily. The ARM processors run on it which makes the device portable and convenient to run on any hardware.

The OS Android is free and open-source that allows the manufacturer to use it on the hardware so that it is convenient for the users and also sells easily.

There are good options that you can avail through the input and output of the device when you have Android OS running in the hardware.

Android TV boxes can also connect through the HDMI cable to the TV as output by giving you a great view of the screen. You can use a mouse, keyboard, remote control and much more as an input device in this box also. You may also like to read The 12 Best Android TV Box Amazon.

What is An Android TV Box and what it does?

The users can stream videos and content online on the TV directly to watch their favorite Islamic videos or show instantly. They do not have to wait until the show comes up on the cable channel, yet they have the option now to view it online with convenience and ease.

This is the main use of the Android TV box which a computer can also do, but the best thing is that you can connect it through smartphone applications. You can download the application on your phone or the device directly to operate it.

Not only the videos but you can also check the weather, create documents, and send documents and much more.

Types of Boxes

There are different sizes, shapes, and costs of the Android TV box. You may find various manufacturers who are constantly introducing better versions of Android TV boxes every other day.

You may also find the low budget boxes which have high units and great hardware facilities.

The setup of the machine has modifications that are from the manufacturer so that it can be according to the codes of Android.

There is two popular Android TV Box which people consider the most, the H96 MAX H1 and Nvidia Shield. You can select any depending upon your choice and need or the budget you have set.

Read through various reviews so you can pick the best Android TV Box for yourself.


Android TV box is going to stay in the market and in demand for a long time. It gives a complete entertainment environment at home with ease to the users. You can move through the interface conveniently because of the smartphone’s connection to it and various aspects of it.

There are various features in the Android TV boxes which manufacturers provide to the user. Some would have SD cards as the storage where the others won’t. The ones with internal hard storage would cost much than the low memory ones. If you want to get started with the Android TV box then getting the cheap one would be best for you so you can learn the curves of it first.

It will take some time to learn the skills to operate it and then be consistent at using it. If you are already aware of using Android OS, then it will not be difficult for you to comprehend the main commands of the box and watch the videos or any content online all day long without any hassle.