It seems like when World Cup starts, everything else matters much less, as everyone is focused only on the games, performances, and, of course, statistics and facts. That is why there is and always be an argument about whether Pele’s Brazil was better than Maradona’s Argentina or whether Messi or Ronaldo is the greatest of all time. And to help you with this dispute, we created a list of the national teams with the most World Cup titles.



The title for the most WC trophies goes to Brazil, as they have won it five times, and since this year they failed to go to the semi-finals, we will have to wait four more years until this national team gets the chance to compete and try to get to the famous six WC trophies. The first title Brazil won was in 1954, on Pele’s debut in the national team jersey, and he managed to score two goals in the finals against the host Sweden and introduced himself on the big stage. An even bigger accomplishment was defending the title, which they did just four years later. Not much time passed until the third title that they won in 1970, but Brazil had to wait 24 years for the next WC champion title. Overall, their performance in 2002, when they beat Germany 2:0 in the finals with Ronaldo scoring two goals, was the fifth and latest title they won in the WC, which crowned them as the nation with the most WC titles.



Germany is tied in second place with Italy as the country with the most WC trophies, a national team that won their first title way back in 1954 and had to wait twenty more years for their next big success. They increased their tally in 1990 and won their last World Cup trophy once more in 2014. This latest success was probably their biggest result in the modern era, as the late goal from Gotze in extra time was unexpected, as Argentina were firm favorites before them, even though Germany won against Brazil, the host, in the semifinals with a result of 7:1.



There will always be football fans and enthusiasts that will argue about the style of football that has led Italy to its success, but the number of WC titles is there to prove them wrong. Namely, they were back-to-back champions from 1934 to 1938, which gave them the lead, but they had to wait for almost half a century for the next title. They managed to win the WC in 1982 and increased their tally to four titles in 2006. It was a game that will go into history books for so many reasons. Namely, Italy played against France in the finals, and besides the penalties that decided the outcome of the match and the winner, a moment that surely marked this World Cup was when Zidane headbutted Materazzi, got the red card, and finished his career in France’s national team.



There are three national teams tied up with two titles, Uruguay, France, and Argentina, speaking about the third place, so we will start with Uruguay because one simple reason – they won the first-ever WC back in 1930. The first WC was held in Uruguay with thirteen participants, and thanks to a better performance in the finals, Uruguay beat Argentina 4:2. They waited for the second title for 20 years, when they were the best national team at the WC 1950, where they faced Brazil on their most famous stadium Maracana and won with the result 2:1.



Another national team with two WC trophies that share the third place on this list is Argentina which managed to raise it back in 1978 and 1986. Thanks to famous football player Mario Kempes and his two scores, they beat Netherlands 3:1 and got their first trophy ever. They repeated that success eight years later when they were better in the match against West Germany, and still wait for the third title despite the fact that they have one of the best teams in the world, with Messi as a leader. Luckily for them, they have found their way to the semi-finals and still have the opportunity to make the number of titles won higher after this WC. Since it is most likely Messi’s last performance in this big competition, there is no doubt that he and also the entire squad will try their best to bring the trophy home.



France is the third national team that shares the third place on this list thanks to their wins in the finals back in 1998 and 2018. The WC 1998 was held in France, and it was not a big surprise that the host got to the finals as they had an amazing team with Zidan in front of the squad, who was the main star in the finals with two goals. The third goal was scored by Emmanuel Petit in additional time, despite France player Marcel Desailly being sent off in 68. minute because he got the second yellow card. Speaking about 2018, the match against Croatia was pretty interesting for football fans. Mario Mandžukić scored an own goal for France’s lead, which was the first own goal ever in the WC finals. After that, the game was interrupted by a protest band. And Kylian Mbappé became the second teenager to score in the WC finals and joined the amazing Pelé on that list. France now has a great chance to become the third back-to-back winner in the history of the WC as they are facing Morocco in their semi-final match.

Final thoughts

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