In the essence of it, apartment hunting isn’t a complicated matter. All you need to do is to find the right place, sign the lease, and eventually move in. But, it can’t be that simple, can it? You can have it this way if you’re lucky, but chances are you’ll find trouble along the way. It’s just how the world works. By now you should know that starting a new chapter in your life is difficult as one can get. It takes a lot of effort to find a new place to live, and you’ll tear a lot of your nerves before you achieve it. You’ll find the entire procedure even more challenging if you fail to acknowledge these 5 most common apartment hunting mistakes people are making. These can happen to anyone, and you need to be aware of them, to be able to avoid them when the crucial moment comes. Now, let’s see how can we help you in resolving one of the biggest life issues.

Thinking all Leases are the Same

Like we already said, trying to find a new place to live is a stressful task. This is why when you feel that you find an ideal location and accommodation you’ll be looking to sign a lease as soon as possible and move in. Most people sign a lease as fast as they can, without reading into details believing that all leases are the same. Of course, this is not quite right, and while it will help you to close the deal quickly at the beginning it could give you a headache down the road. The one thing you should know is that a lease is a legally binding contract, and it should be read from the top to bottom without a fault. Each line matters, and you do not want to miss a thing. You need to make sure that you understand all the details, and even research before the signing of your local lease laws is welcomed. In the end, another thing you need to have guaranteed is that you’ll receive a signed copy of the agreement. You can never be too sure. The fact that you once had a lease, doesn’t mean that the next one will be the same.

Unilateral Decision Making

If you are not going to live alone in the apartment you’re about to lease, it is essential to be on the same page with your roommate. Like you probably know, finding the right apartment is hard work, and it will take you a lot of time to visit all the places you have on your shortlist. Today’s real estate markets are fast-moving ones, and you’ll probably be in a rush to sign a lease, and it might happen that you and your roommate are visiting different places at the same time. While this might save you a lot of time, in the end, it could prove as a wrong approach. Signing a lease and moving in in a new apartment are massive life moves, and you shouldn’t make this decisio0n single-handedly if you have a roommate. In the long run, it could prove to be a stumbling block. When roommates are moving in, both parties need to sign a lease. It is essential not to sign a lease on a place you haven’t seen by yourself. While it could take you more time and effort, make sure that you and your roommate visit all the condos at the same time.

Neglecting Commute

It is often a case that you find the right place to live, with all the marks checked, and all that is left is for you to move in, but there’s only one glaring issue – it’s not close to your workplace. When choosing an apartment, people always look to go under their budget. If the right place is affordable for you in terms of a lease, but it’s far from work it might not be an ideal decision financially. Even if your new place is cozy and almost ideal, a long commute to work will spend your time and money beyond reason when you count in gas, car time, oil changes, tires, and general car maintenance. These are all factors that need to be counted in when we’re talking about moving into a new condo. The commute is not to be underestimated in terms of expenses when it comes to apartment hunting.

Put Emotions Above Reason

This could happen in all spheres of life and apartment hunting is no different. Just like with a real person, you could fall in love with an apartment. It happens. We all know how Carrie Bradshaw loved her New York condo, or how characters from Fiends loved their places. When the love, at first sight, hits you, you might look over your budget thinking that there’s a chance you could still afford your ideal place. But, this can hardly be true, and it is vital to know your budget before you go on an apartment hunt. The number you can spend monthly needs to be engraved in stone, and it is a line you mustn’t cross. Rent should never be more than 30% of your entire income according to experts. There’s always a chance of unexpected expenses and you need to have these in mind when moving into a new place.

Cell Phones Work Everywhere

We’re living in an age of technology, but things aren’t always roses. Even if you find an ideal place, there’s a chance that cell phone reception is going to be lousy. While this is not the first thing that will cross your mind, mobile devices are essential for our living these days, and having a no-good reception can be a hard issue to overcome. You need to factor in trivial matters such as these when picking an apartment. We could go on and on with matters like these, but we’ll stop here. If you are eager to know more check here for more information.