Walking adventures can be a great way to explore new places and stay active. There are several apps available that can enhance your walking experience by providing navigation, tracking, and information about the places you visit.


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AllTrails is a popular app for hikers and walkers. It offers a vast database of trails, including detailed maps, trail reviews, photos, and user-submitted content. You can search for trails based on location, difficulty, length, and other criteria. The app also tracks your progress in real-time and provides GPS navigation, making it easy to follow a trail and explore new areas.


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Komoot is an app designed for outdoor enthusiasts, including walkers and hikers. It offers turn-by-turn voice navigation for a variety of outdoor activities. You can plan routes, download maps for offline use, and discover points of interest along the way. Komoot also provides detailed elevation profiles and difficulty ratings for trails.


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MapMyWalk, part of the Under Armour Connected Fitness suite, is a fitness app that tracks your walks using GPS. It records data such as distance, duration, pace, and calories burned. You can create custom routes, set goals, and join challenges. The app also offers audio feedback and integrates with various fitness devices.


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Sweatcoin is a great way to earn money from your walking adventures. The app has a built-in pedometer which records your footsteps and converts them into a digital currency which can be used to purchase merchandise with over 300 retailers. New offers appear almost daily.

Wildlife Watcher

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Wildlife Watcher helps you identify wildlife. The extensive database include a wide variety of species including insects and animals. And because users are encouraged to record sightings and share them with the community, the database can keep growing and inform other local users where they can go to see wildlife for themselves.


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Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game that involves searching for hidden containers, or “geocaches,” using GPS coordinates. The official Geocaching app helps you discover geocaches near your location, provides navigation to their coordinates, and allows you to log your finds. It adds an element of adventure and exploration to your walks.


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Strava is a popular fitness app that caters to various outdoor activities, including walking. It tracks your walks using GPS, provides real-time statistics like distance, pace, and elevation, and allows you to set goals, compete with friends, and join challenges. Strava also has a social component where you can share your activities and connect with other walkers.


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Leafsnap is an app specifically focused on identifying tree species by their leaves. Take a picture of a leaf, and the app will help you identify the tree it came from. It’s a great tool for learning more about the trees in your local environment.

These apps can enhance your walking adventures by providing valuable information, navigation assistance, and the ability to track your progress. Depending on your specific preferences and needs, you may find one or more of these apps to be a valuable companion for your walking adventures.