Using digital coupons to support their budget is one of the smartest things one can do, especially because a large portion of nowadays shopping is administrated online. The recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has made a vast majority of shoppers shift their daily routines and redirect to online stores. With the increase in demand for online goods, the usage of digital coupons has also risen. Unfortunately, fake coupons followed the trend, so the chances you will stumble upon a false discount ticket are higher than ever. Lucky for you, there are ways to check whether your digital coupons are legit or not, so read the following list and find out what are the signs speaking that a voucher is valid. Also, find out how to recognize the fakes.

Official Websites

Knowing the origin of your coupon is more than you need to be sure that the thing you have is valid. Thus, if you are awarded a digital coupon by an official webpage of a brand you purchase products or services regularly, you should not worry about the validity of your voucher. On the other hand, if an email from an unknown sender stating that you have been accidentally chosen to be awarded a coupon of a certain value surprises you in your inbox, do think about it and assert the situation cold-headedly since the probability that an unexpected flabbergast is fake is major.

Standard Expiry Date Checkout

When we talk about coupons, it is not solely the forgery that makes them fake, but also the negligence of the coupon holders. Although your coupon might be perfectly legal, it does not mean that you can keep it without utilizing forever. Moreover, you should be cautious not to miss the opportunity to purchase something at discounted price solely because you were reckless and forgot about the time limitation. Thus, failing to use a coupon when it actually means something stops it from being legit, so, you better forward the voucher to someone who will make use of it than forget about it and make it useless.

Too Good to be True Coupons

While there are coupons that serve to facilitate your shopping and make you buy more for your money, there are also fake coupons that will try to lure you into some sort of a digital scam. That scam could steal data from you or take advantage of your carelessness and infect your device with spyware upon clicking on a false voucher. Namely, you can easily identify fake offers simply by reasoning, since if they sound too good to be true, they probably are, and want something from them in return. This would imply coupons offering you valuable items either for free or for ridiculously small prices, thus, beware, because what they might be trying to get is your credit card number.

Specialized Websites

If you want to be sure that the coupons you get are valid and secure, then you should choose where you get them from. Namely, numerous websites specialize solely in coupon trading and care for their reputation. Apart from the coupons you get for official coupon websites should be 100% legit, you can also use them to find exactly the vouchers for the products you want to buy, instead of getting discounts for the things that you do not need. For example, if an official coupon store website such as Grabatt, promotes Emma Matratze, which is an online store and offers coupons for their merch, it would be perfectly safe to make use of their discounts since they are both legit and have years of verifiable experience of doing business.


Coupon Information Center is what you would like to consult if you doubt the validity of your coupon. They update their database daily so you can easily check whether your coupon is false or valid. After clearing your doubts, you might use your coupon whenever you like, and in case you are not satisfied with the results, we suggest you get in touch with the person or a store that provided you with a fake and try to arrange any sort of compensation, if possible. Although CIC updates its database regularly, it might take some time to discover fraudulent coupons before putting them on their blacklist, so take the pieces of information you find on their website with caution.

Personalized Coupons

An important thing that we should appoint to is the occurrence of so-called “personalized coupons”. Namely, it is not unusual that a company decides to reward its faithful customers by allowing them to acquire particular goods or services at a discounted price. These offers are a product of careful assessment of a particular user and are carefully tailored to fit their needs. Not solely that, but the thing they are personalized suggests that solely one person can make use of them, thus, if a friend or someone close to you tries to bestow you with a personalized coupon, take your time and explain to them how thighs work and that they should consider presenting you with a different gift.

Under Certain Conditions

You should be aware that there are certain coupons you can make use of solely if you meet certain conditions stated by the company that shares them. Namely, a large number of online betting services function that way, when they offer numerous bonuses and benefits if you agree to certain terms. Another well-known example is when stores condition you to buy a particular number of items to get a discount. Thus, those types of coupons are valid solely if you do what you have in order to be rewarded, otherwise, they are as good as the fake ones.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information will prove their usefulness and familiarize you with how to check if your digital coupon is valid or fake. We certainly do hope that you will not have anything to do with the fake ones so your online buying experience might pass without any difficulties, but, just in case, you have some reading material in the lines above to make sure everything goes as planned.