If you download the office come setup on your mobile phone or device, it does not matter if you are online or offline, you can use the office product because of the Microsoft office, as it gives permission to its users. Click on the link www.office.com/setup and here you can very easily download the office set up in your mobile as well as on Mac and Windows. If you have online access, then also you can use the office setup. If you wish to activate or else download the product, you must definitely have the product key.

With the help of three very easy steps, you can download the office com setup very easily and the steps are, login, submit and install. If you have the product key, you can then download, install and activate those products which you have brought offline or even online. Microsoft office produces only the latest as well as advanced technologies. Below we will provide you with the information related to the recent version of the office and let you know how to download the office com setup.

The Latest Version of Office and its Features – Office Com Setup


Office 2019 has just been released as it was announced by Microsoft. This latest version is so far the best version that has been released because it is equipped with all the best kinds of features. Unlike the others, OneNote will not be now included in this latest feature and there will also be no heavy files of MSI download.


Some of the features of the office 2019 are:

  • Mainstream support for five years and a warranty of 2 years
  • Equipped with zoom feature as well as Morph
  • MS excel equipped with new formulas
  • Compatible with Mac OS Sierra, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10
  • New charts included for work on the charts and presentation
  • MS word has Ink

System Requirements – Office Com Setup

The system requirements for windows include:

  • There should be excellent internet speed
  • RAM should be of 2 GB
  • Hard disk space should be till 3 GB
  • The processor should be of 1 GHz with the instruction set
  • There should be the latest browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla


  • The operating system should be 10.10 or more than that
  • The RAM should be of 2 GB
  • The hard disk space should be of 3 GB
  • The internet should have excellent speed
  • Browsers should be the latest ones such as Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

After making sure that your system is compatible and can meet all the requirements you can then install the office set up in your system. If you want to know more about the requirements, you can click on the link office.com/setup. With the help of the toll-free number, you can also call customer service and find out more details. The office support will also help you to deal with the troubleshooting steps.

How to Purchase Office Setup?


If you want to buy the office setup online, you can go and check out a retail store and with these steps mentioned below, you can buy the product whether online or offline is upon you:

  • Go to your browser and enter the link setup.office.com online
  • Enter the name of the product in the box and then search it
  • When you get the results of the search, click on the product which you want to buy
  • Now for the payment, login in your account
  • Sign in by entering all the details and enter any kind of details which are further required
  • Click on the procedure and then progress towards the final payment

Open up your email account and check out if you have received an email from the office support team. With the help of the product key which you have gotten by the office team, you can now install and download the version of your product.

Offline Purchase

For online purchase you need to follow the following steps:

  • Visit any retail store near your place
  • Let the retailer know about the requirements you have and then do the payment
  • When you make the offline purchase, you will see that the product will be inside the product cover.

With the help of the product key, you can easily activate and install the product. If you cannot download it, then you can contact the official support or even check out the website www.office.com/setup for further information.

Download and install office setup- www.office.com/setup


In order to download and install the Office setup, you need to follow these steps:

  • The first thing which you need to do is open your browser and enter the link office.com/setup so that you can download the product
  • If you have an account, then you can even sign in
  • If you do not have an account, then create one
  • Complete the requirements for making a new account and then sign in
  • Now add in the product key
  • You can get the product key from your email account
  • If you are making an offline purchase, you will find the product key on the cover of the product
  • Now when you have the product key, type in what is required and then click on submit
  • Wow! Now you have received the product key
  • After this, visit my account page and install it
  • Choose the option of save file or run, so that you can save the file
  • You can then close the browser after you have waited patiently for the process to finish

You are now ready to install the product according to your choice with the link www.office.com/setup online.


  • After you have downloaded the file, you can search for it
  • You will find this file in the download section
  • Once you find the file, double click on it to run on the setup
  • After that click on the ‘yes’ as well as ‘ I agree’ so that it is clear that you have accepted the license agreement.
  • Click on install so that the installation process begins and now look what instructions you have to follow
  • In order to now exit, click on the close button.

With the help of these steps mentioned, you can easily install and download your product. If you require any help, you can contact the office support.

FAQ’s- www.office.com/setup:

  • Click on the link and follow the steps
  • It will mention the way to install the setup and student 2016
  • There will be a few issues in the setup.office.com
  • It will be difficult to solve the office 365 setup
  • There can also be issues with my account
  • An error might arise regarding the office key which might not work

If you face such issues, you can contact the office support team as the experts will provide you with good solutions for all your issues as soon as possible. The office support team is here 24/7 to solve your problems.

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