Nowadays, voluminous “marshmallow” dresses are replaced with evening models of light shades. Fashion styles are changing with each new epoch. In the middle of the 20th century, girls wore more restrained white evening dresses as wedding gowns to save money. This is how a new concept appeared in dress stores – the “evening wedding dress.”

This trend is increasingly visible among modern brides who choose elegant evening dresses for a wedding ceremony.

A White Evening Dress Instead Of A Wedding Dress Is Practical!

Many modern brides choose an evening dress as an analog to a wedding dress. The advantages of such an alternative are numerous:

  • Affordable price. The cost of a fancy evening dress from the Milla online store is lower than their wedding collection. And the budget often has a strong influence on the choice.
  • Saving time and effort in searching. Evening models are widely represented in dress stores worldwide. This helps to reduce search time and significantly expands the model range.
  • The wedding ceremony is in an intense rhythm, whether a small family party or a massive celebration. The wedding includes trips, photo sessions, and dancing, so the outfit’s comfort is essential. A light evening dress that Milla online dress shop offers in many shades will help you keep your strength until the end of the holiday without losing beauty and elegance.
  • An evening dress will be helpful more than once for all sorts of festive events, and in most cases, it will not need to be re-sewn. Modern white evening dresses may not differ from wedding dresses and have a different silhouette – tight, straight, with a flared skirt or an extravagant cut.

How To Buy a Dress Online?

It is important to note that after purchasing a white evening dress, you will have to look for a veil, shoes, accessories, and linen in the Milla Nova wedding collections. Although such models are relatively compact, choosing matching shoes or gloves is easy.

When choosing underwear, it is advisable to immediately put on the dress and check how well the selected items look and feel together. Fitting is crucial for models of light, semi-transparent fabrics, a complex cut with an open bodice, or a tight-fitting style.

Where To Buy Dresses Online?

Milla store offers original asymmetric and cascading skirts made of flying chiffon, guipure, and short lush evening dresses with graphic lace trim. Dresses with a modern cut, and soft shapes made of plain matte fabric, supplemented with luxuriously decorated accessories, are also available in our online salons.

These are fitted models with narrow free-flowing skirts and a variety of decor – pleats, lace inserts, pearl, and silk embroidery- add grace and sophistication to the silhouette. Purchase online, and we will ship through the USA and worldwide!